Jury selection date set for 2 alleged high-ranking Trinitarios members in Junior case

A jury selection date was set for two alleged Trinitarios gang members on Wednesday.
Diego Suero and Frederick Then are accused of dishing orders that led to the murder of Bronx teen Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz. Prosecutors say he was mistaken for a rival gang member in June of 2018.
The jury selection date has been set for Aug. 3. The judge denied a motion to separate the trial Wednesday. Both Suero and Then will be tried together.
News 12 is told one of the defendants has been pushing for a new lawyer. According to the judge, Suero, the alleged leader of a local chapter of the Trinitarios gang, wrote letters to court officers claiming he was not able to effectively communicate with his current attorney.
Suero's attorney was assigned to him in January after his previous lawyer died. Suzanne Mcelwreath had no comment for News 12 but told the judge she had a good visit with her client last week.
The judge has not made any changes to Suero's counsel at this time. Prosecutors say the judge did address another outstanding motion, saying he was open to the use of evidence from Suero's separate case--against the defendants in the trial. This includes WhatsApp conversations about the cabinet of power within the Trinitarios gang.
A final decision will be made at a later date, and both Suero and Then have another court date set for April 1.
The six remaining defendants have a court date on March 18.