Leaked NYPD report reveals schools with biggest crime issues

The report shows schools with the most total crimes, violent crimes, and seven major crimes.

Mary-Lyn Buckley, Adolfo Carrion and Faith Graham

Dec 13, 2023, 10:43 PM

Updated 216 days ago


A new leaked report from the NYPD’s school safety division shows the top schools in New York City when it comes to crime, including several schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn.  
Edward R. Murrow High School, a school in Midwood where a student was recently stabbed by a fellow student, was ranked as the number five school in the top 10 list of the most active schools for all crime.  
Clara Barton High School in Crown Heights also made the top five list. Both Murrow and Clara Barton high schools have had seven incidents since July 1. Alfred E. Smith High School in the Bronx also made the top five list with seven incidents since July 1 as well. 
Parents of students at Murrow High School say that since that incident took place eight days ago, they’ve been gearing up to remove their kids from the school.  
“Anybody else would think, especially from this area, that the number five school would be somewhere else. Not here in the hart of Brooklyn,” said concerned parent Juan Ortiz.  
Multiple parents tell News 12 they plan to meet with school staff about their safety concerns.
Police issued a statement to News 12 saying:

School safety is always a top priority for every member of the NYPD. While the overall crime rate in New York City public schools continues to be relatively low, a recent uptick in incidents means all stakeholders must redouble their efforts to help strengthen security and maintain a safe environment for students, faculty, and visitors. Each day, members of the NYPD School Safety Division work diligently to enhance the quality of public education through their critical work, which includes building positive relationships with students and increasing the use of scanning equipment. Because public safety is a shared responsibility, the NYPD works actively with all partners to nurture trust and foster accountability. This includes NYPD Community Outreach Unit members collaborating regularly with parents, guardians, and neighborhood groups to hold events that promote social interaction and conflict resolution. An example of this is the staging of sociodramas, where several people act out assigned roles while studying and remedying problems identified in relationships. Engagement like this and ongoing alliances in the communities we serve are essential to our collective success.

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