Legal marijuana dispensary set to open in Allerton on Thursday

Hush, a new legal marijuana dispensary, is opening up in Allerton. 
From THC tinctures and gummies to vapes and sodas, owners Deniz Ozkurt and Levent Ozkurt, who are cousins, hand-picked items for their store on Williamsbridge Road. 
They say it's been a long and bumpy road to finally open up a shop in their home borough. The initial opening was scheduled for the second week of August but a court injunction blocking the state from moving forward with its legal recreational marijuana industry delayed that.
Deniz says they are overwhelmingly happy to finally open on Thursday. Deniz says to be an owner of a cannabis shop means so much because when he was young he got in trouble with the law because of weed.
The owners say this shops will help the neighborhood because the taxes will benefit the community as well as create jobs.
 Hush received some pushback from Friends of Pelham Parkway, activists in the community about where they are opening up. 
Roxanne Delgado from the organization sent News 12 the following statement: 
"On behalf of Friends of Pelham Parkway, I am disappointed that the Office of Cannabis Management did not hear our community's concerns.  I do hope Hush is a community partner that helps the NYCHA Pelham Parkway Houses , Mazzei Playground and PS89 that is located across the street from their place of business. I hope they don't just profit off our community that is struggling to make ends meet." 
Hush opens Dec. 14 at 10 a.m. at 2460 Williamsbridge Road.