Neighbors: Man crushed by car as he tried to steal catalytic converter

There is a heavy police presence in Harrison on Main Street this morning.
Neighbors tell News 12 they heard screams around 2:30 a.m. today. They say a man was trying to steal a catalytic converter and the car collapsed on him and killed him.
"They slide underneath, and they use what they call a portable battery-operated saw, and they just cut them. Supposably the jack came out from under it or didn't hold up the car and crushed him," says Ray Drach, Harrison resident.
Drach's family owns a local auto shop and says he's seen a rise in catalytic converter thefts. ""Yeah, there's a lot of money for those catalytic mufflers, a lot of money…It's a Honda that they go after the most because that has the most platinum in them."
Other residents are surprised about the rise in these crimes in this area. "I've been coming around here since the '70s and never a problem with Silver Lake, always a quiet town," says Jack Love, White Plains resident.