Relentless heat lingers through the weekend in the Bronx; possible pop-up thunderstorms

News 12 gets an inside look at what it takes to train officers and horses of NYPD’s Mounted Unit

News 12’s Valerie Ryan got an inside look at the center in the Bronx and checked out the process.

Valerie Ryan

May 31, 2024, 10:36 AM

Updated 22 days ago


The NYPD’s Mounted Unit Training Center is where officers and horses learn how to patrol the busy streets of New York City.
Officer Alban Kalj and Officer Andi Gjeci are both instructors of the NYPD Mounted Unit.
They help prepare horses for patrol, by taking them through obstacle courses and making them accustomed to situations that can happen in the field.
They say it typically takes between 6 months to a year before the horses are ready to serve and protect.
They also mention that patrolling on a horse makes it easier to connect with the community, than being in a police car.

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