Newtown couple who met online 20 years ago shares relationship advice with customers

A Newtown couple who found love online decades ago is still going strong, and they get to share their story with new brides every day.
Denise Buzy-Pucheu and her husband Cary Correia met online in the early 2000s in the early days of the internet on
"I said 'She kind of looks OK,'" said Correia.
"I was cute back then what are you talking about, I was OK?" replied Buzy-Pucheu.
Buzy-Pucheu says 85% of the brides who come into her store, the Persnickety Bride in Newtown, met online too but she knows some of the women looking at her gowns may get divorced within the first three years of marriage. So she tells them her story.
"You have to have the fortitude to be communicative to work with one another, to recognize that nobody's perfect. That we try to make each other better," said Buzy-Pucheu.
She says family is a key component to a healthy marriage, and having a little fun.
Buzy-Pucheu says she is pretty good at that too. She has done several TikTok videos with one of her three adopted children. She says it takes the edge off what can sometimes be a stressful time for a new bride.