Nonprofit uses art to support Black Lives Matter movement

A nonprofit organization is using art to educate and unite neighborhoods to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

FOKUS used colorful chalk to bring the words Black Lives Matter to life on the sidewalk along Myrtle Avenue Plaza.
"We want to take it a step further by doing that, but also encouraging folks to think about how directly will they support Black Lives Matter," says FOKUS Executive Director Atiba Edwards.

Edwards say she wants people to support the movement in a way that is personal to them, and that can be by protesting, marching or sitting in.
On Saturday, the organization asked neighbors to write on stickers how they support Black lives and to then put it up on a board for the community to see.
"We need to think about it as part of our daily fabric where it's important for us to do what we can, when we can, how we can, to really drive and fix some of the inequities and racism that we face across the world," Edwards says.
Organizers hope people will learn new ways to show their support when they see the green stickers from their neighbors.