NYC congestion pricing could increase commuting costs

Congestion pricing is coming to Manhattan - and it could increase the cost of your commute.
Fees to enter the Central Business District - which is anywhere below 60th Street - could range from $9 to $23 for E-ZPass holders and $14 to $35 without an E-ZPass.
Transit advocates in favor of the tolls held a rally outside Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Manhattan office Monday morning.
They say the fees will discourage people from driving and increase mass transit ridership.
Business owners say the new fees won't help as they work to recover from the pandemic.
"We have to deal with parking tickets as well as the tolls which are already high. So at the end of the day, with our small margin business, that has to go to the people we deal with," says Anthony Ferrara, of Mo Trucking.
Transit officials are currently holding a series of hearings to determine the exact cost.