NYC school bus drivers push for stop-arm cameras

New York City school bus drivers fearful for the safety of their students want cameras to catch drivers who speed past when they should be stopping.
They say other drivers on the road do not obey the stop-arm, the stop sign that extends from the side of the school bus when they are picking up or dropping off kids.
Steven Martinez, a six-year veteran school bus driver in New York City, says cars ignore the stop-arm about seven times per day when he's driving his route.
Martinez and other city drivers are calling for the installation of stop-arm cameras on all New York City school buses so that drivers would be ticketed for breaking the law.
Councilmember Ben Kallos introduced a bill back in 2019 to install these cameras to hold drivers liable, but it has still since stalled.
The drivers are helping to spread a petition in support of his bill. 
Kallos recommends that residents reach out to their local City Council member and show their support for the bill. Kallos said the bill needs 34 sponsors for a City Council hearing.