NYPD releases car stop data for first time, showing racial disparity in traffic stops

In 2022, the NYPD made over 673,000 car stops, including 61,000 at vehicle checkpoints.

News 12 Staff

Feb 21, 2023, 5:11 PM

Updated 512 days ago


The NYPD has released for the first time ever its car stop data – and it shows that Black drivers are stopped the most often.
In 2022, the NYPD made over 673,000 car stops, including 61,000 at vehicle checkpoints. 
New York Civil Liberties Union legal director Chris Dunn says this newly released data has left him unsettled. 
"I don't feel very comfortable with it, that's why I don't drive too much," said Dunn. "The data that we see from the NYPD suggests that racially profiling is playing a significant role in stops here in the city."
The NYPD has recorded traffic stops in the past but has not been forced to make the information public until last year.
NYPD data of the nearly 621,000 stops where the person's race was recorded shows Black drivers were pulled over the most — 197,000 times, representing 32% of all stops.
Latino drivers followed up, making up approximately 20% of all stops. White drivers consisted of 26% of stops, while Asian drivers made up 13% of stops.
Of the NYPD's nearly 15,000 arrests made during traffic stops in 2022, Black drivers made up 48% of those arrests. The New York Civil Liberties Union is now demanding the NYPD release these findings in a publicly accessible database so that more New Yorkers can view it. 

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