Pink Houses tenants say they have lived without heat during bitter cold

Tenants in an East New York NYCHA building say they have spent the recent freezing-cold temperatures without heat.
Mohommad Mowla has been living in his apartment at the Pink Houses for more than five years and says the heat in the building does not properly work every winter. His neighbor, Jenelee Brooks, agrees.
"Every year we go through this. No heat. Obviously the boilers aren't working but I don't believe that. They just are not giving us heat," Brooks says.
Both Mowla and Brooks are forced to sleep with multiple blankets at night and use their own towels to block the cold air from coming in through the windows. 
After News 12 reached out to NYCHA for comment regarding the building's conditions, spokesperson Jasmine Blake said in a statement, "There was one riser off line that has now been restored. Our staff is working diligently to provide all residents the safe, warm homes they deserve."