Police: Carbon monoxide incident in Brooklyn hospitalizes 2 adults, 3 children

Police say five people were transported to the hospital Tuesday after a carbon monoxide incident. 
Police say it happened at 155 Nichols Ave. 
They say of those five people, two are adults and three are children. News 12 spoke with a man who says his father was inside the home at the time of the incident. 
The man says he himself was not inside the home at the time, but that he did get a carbon monoxide notification on his Alexa device. 
That’s when he tells News 12 he called someone who was in the home, who told him what was going on.
He tells News 12 some people in the home fainted and one person was throwing up, so he immediately sped over to the home. 
He says he has heard back from people who went to the hospital to visit family members who are hospitalized and says they are in stable condition. 
Officials tell News 12 the incident appears to have involved a water heater.