Police issue warning, safety tips after dangerous Facebook Marketplace transactions

Selling and buying items on social media might be easy but it can also dangerous.
Police are issuing a warning about selling items on platforms like Facebook Marketplace after a deadly transaction in the Bronx and a carjacking at gunpoint this week in the Town of Newburgh.
"It's always risky doing business with strangers," said Lt. Adam Zeilberger, with Town of Newburgh Police.
Authorities say a 21-year-old man from Fishkill was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday by two men pretending to be interested in his 2018 Dodge Charger.
Police say the victim was kicked out of his car on I-84 westbound in Newburgh, during what was supposed to be a test drive, and that the men took off with his wallet, cellphone and car.
Police in the Bronx are also investigating a fatal Facebook Marketplace transaction on Wednesday that killed a Rockland County man attempting to buy a motorcycle.
Authorities are offering tips on how you can avoid being victimized - like meeting in busy, public places during the day and in well-lit areas.
"Here in the Town of Newburgh, we have a designated area for these types of transactions, where people can have a safe space to conduct transactions with strangers," said Lt. Zeilberger
Police recommend never going to meet a stranger alone and letting someone you trust know where you will be.
When it comes to selling a vehicle of any kind, they say it's best to go through a dealer.