Police supporters, BLM protesters clash at rally in Marine Park

Police supporters and counter-protestors clashed at a Back the Blue rally in Marine Park.
The peaceful rally meant to show support for the NYPD took a turn when clashes with Black Lives Matter counter-protesters erupted at the end of the march.
It comes after weeks of protests around the nation that have been calling to defund the police following the death of George Floyd.

Police supporters at the rally say they want to send a message that not all police are bad, and they say they're hoping to raise morale in the police department.
"If we keep on defunding the police department, we're going to have more and more police killed. The silent majority is here in support of NYPD," says one supporter.
Counter-protesters say they wanted to use their voices to send a message of equality and unity, which is why they say they showed up.
"We need everyone to be respected first, like everyone has to be equal because Black people are not treated the same way. They're not, and it amazes me that people just can't see that," says Isabella Guagliardo.

Police supporters say the event wasn't meant to be a political statement, but to show appreciation of the men and women in blue.