Police supporters, BLM protestors face off in Marine Park

Police supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters faced off in Marine Park Sunday despite the hot weather.
The heat advisory originally caused organizers to cancel the Back the Badge rally, but in the end, many supporters didn't let the weather stand in their way.
Several police supporters told News 12 that their anger is directed at Mayor Bill de Blasio, who they feel is limiting their expression.
"The fact that he openly said all large gatherings are banned except for the protests for Black Lives Matter… that is hypocrisy at its finest," says Tatiana Davidoff, of Coney Island.
The founder of Standing Up for NYC, Jay Brooklyn, says the mayor, "limited people's expression for religious gatherings but yet people can protest and riot and loot and cause chaos in the city."
Police supporters say they demand the right to paint a "Blue Lives Matter" mural in front of 1 Police Plaza to raise awareness for both physical and verbal abuse officers endure daily.
Black Lives Matter counter-protesters gathered at the park as well, telling News 12 they feel Black Lives Matter movement is far from over.
"They are supporting the blue because they want to support police brutality and injustice, that is why they're marching," said one protester. "We can't trust police while they're busy killing us."
However, Davidoff says, "people need to appreciate the authorities, we need to be friends, we need to work together as a community with our police officers."