'This whole thing is just heartbreaking' - Gabby Petito’s friend says Brian Laundrie could be manipulative, controlling

The best friend of missing Blue Point native Gabby Petito says that Petito’s fiance, Brian Laundrie, could be controlling and manipulative at times.
Rose Davis, who lives in Sarasota, Florida, says she met Gabby Petito two years ago when she moved from Blue Point to live in North Port, Florida, with Laundrie and his family.
She says she hung out with the couple often and while Laundrie had a sweet, nice composure - she also saw his controlling and manipulative side.
"He was always charismatic, making Gabby breakfast almost every morning and but, you know, you could see the jealousy side," Davis says. "He also wanted what he wanted when he wanted it and he'd find a way to get it. Not in a violent manner. But you know, if he didn't want Gabby to do something. He'd find a way to make it so she couldn't do it."
Davis says there were times when the couple fought and Petitio would ask to stay at Davis's house because she needed a break from Laundrie. She also says she didn't think the fighting was anything out of the ordinary for a couple.
"Now it's just scary. Everything is so scary right now," she says.
Davis says Petito would never be gone for so long without contacting her or her family. She is desperately hoping Laundrie will come out of hiding and talk about Petito's whereabouts.
"I'm surprised that the person he's supposed  - the person Gabby's supposed to marry or was supposed to marry is making this so hard to find her and find her safely. I mean, you know, I thought that I knew him better," she says.