Tour shows various graffiti and street art around Bushwick

Street art across Brooklyn is one thing that makes the borough so unique and special, and one tour that shows the ins and outs of it all is operating once again.
Most of the street art and graffiti in Bushwick is part of the Bushwick Collective, made up of artists from around the world who showcase their artwork on the doors, walls and gates of the warehouses, stores, restaurants and apartment buildings in the area.
The street art lines the Bushwick blocks and features colorful murals, graffiti, brush painting and sculptures that are hard to miss and some that are hard to see.
"Small or hidden street artworks, these you would not have seen them if you came on your own because they're camouflage or obscured,” says Jeff Stirewalt, owner of Brooklyn Unplugged Tours.
The graffiti and street art tour shut down in March due to the pandemic and just got back up and running again. They're offering 20% off the tour to welcome customers back.
"A lot of the customers, the majority of them were foreign tourists and travelers,” says Stirewalt.
The street art tour lasts two hours, and there seems to be something for everyone from monsters to cupcakes as well as artwork inspired by the times.
"There's not too many people around here these days looking at the art so you could have the place to yourself,” says Stirewalt.
The graffiti and street art tour is offered seven days a week, and masks and social distancing are required when on the tour.