We’re Open: The Way Cafe

A new cafe in Castle Hill is promising new customers that they will feel right at home.
The Way Cafe on Castle Hill says they provide a welcoming environment that offers healthy and fresh choices on their menu.
Andy Weaver, who is originally from central Pennsylvania, is the co-owner of the cafe. “I've been living in this neighborhood for three years now. It's been a real pleasure and blessing to getting to know the neighbors and feeling their support,” said Weaver.
He says the faith-based cafe came about through the startup of a Bronx Mennonite Church. The Mennonite lifestyle is similar to the Amish.
He says the cafe is an extension of his Christian faith and teachings.
“We're about operating a business at the biblical principles as Jesus would and with that providing a safe environment and quality products fresh,” said Weaver.
The Castle Hill cafe offers a wide range of gourmet coffee, espresso and all-natural drinks.
Weaver says business is slowly improving during the coronavirus pandemic. He says he wants to continue to serve the community and provide customers with a peace and tranquil location to enjoy healthy food.