We're Open: Edy's Grocery

When one door closes another one opens. That’s what one local business owner says after taking over an established deli in Greenpoint and opening his own market.

When COVID-19 struck, Edouard Massih was hit hard.
“I used to own a Lebanese catering company. I used to cater all over the city. The event world was over and restaurants were over, I didn’t know what to do,” says Massih.
The local chef shut down his business and went to work crafting a quarantine menu
“I didn’t realize how much people really wanted healthy prepared food that is ready to go anytime of the day,” says Massih.
That is when he approached his good friend Maria, owner of Maria's Deli, a long time Polish market in Greenpoint
“I used to come in every day. She would taste my food, she loved my food,” says Massih,
The two would often joke about Maria's retirement after 43 years in the space. That joke soon became a reality. Maria closed her doors and gave the space to Massih.
“I got the keys on July 1 and it took me six weeks to flip the place,” he says.
Within weeks his Middle Eastern grocer was open and booming with customers.
“We did a soft opening on Aug. 15, but we had such a big crowd we ended up just making it the opening,” says Massih.
Edy's Grocery focuses on Middle Eastern cuisine but there is a special place on the menu for Polish delicacies as well.
“I loved her sandwiches. I would come in here two to three times a week. My first $5 I got was from Maria,” says Massih,
Edy’s Grocery features many items, but Massih says the orzo salad, and zaatar chicken are most popular.