We're Open: Made in Puerto Rico

A Puerto Rican restaurant in Throgs Neck is open again, churning out mouth-watering food while trying to keep customers and staff safe.
Made in Puerto Rico owner Fabricio Alonzo said before putting food on diners’ plates, he had to make sure the rest of the restaurant, and his other location in Mott Haven, were also ready to welcome back guests after shutting down in March due to the pandemic
“It was devastating, it was sad, it was depressing,” says Alonzo.
Despite the hardship, Alonzo says he was excited to finally reopen in June,
“It was just a pleasure, just to watch someone sit down, just to see a smile on customers' faces,” says Alonzo.
He says his main concern is keeping customers safe. As a result, the restaurant placed social distancing markers on the ground and put dividers at the bar.
“If someone happens to be sick, we have our protectives. I'm appreciating the plexiglass and the whole mask thing,” says Alonzo.
They also have three new air filtration units and ordered 20 partitions for an added level of safety.
They say these table dividers are key to being able to reopen for indoor dining following the city's policy next week. They'll have one of these in between each table trying to ensure social distancing while keeping to the 25% occupancy rule as well.
“It hasn't been easy but it feels great, it feels great, I know it's coming back little by little,” says Alonzo.