We're Open: Paralegals for the Community

As courts reopen, a Bronx paralegal team wants the community to know they are open.
Paralegals for the Community say they have been working for their customers this entire time.
The team offers a wide array of legal services. While they are not attorneys, they can help with research on immigration, divorce and bankruptcy.
"When we first opened up this business, the community was so receptive to it because they said that they have been looking for something like this for such a long time," says Swannie Batista, of Paralegals for the Community.
Like many businesses, the coronavirus has had a big impact on what they do.
“We went from seeing almost a hundred people a day to 20, and then to like five, and now slowly it is picking up,” says Batista.
With courts closed at one point, they had to get creative.
"Every time we close the door, we are thinking about our next move,” says Batista.
They partnered up with a service to provide fingerprinting services and were deemed essential and stayed open the whole time, doing things online, on the phone and on social media.
While there is a lot of cleaning and a mask is required, they want everyone to know that they're office is open.
"We just want to let our Bronx community and everyone that had used our services that we are here to help and we are just kind of adapting to the change,” says Batista.