Close to Home: Arcadia Earth art installation encourages sustainable changes

An interactive art installation in Manhattan is bringing attention to the challenges impacting the Earth in hopes of inspiring visitors to make sustainable changes.
The exhibit takes you on a journey through the land and sea through 15 rooms, shining a light on ecological issues such as deforestation, food waste and overfishing.
"Arcadia Earth is an installation that focuses on climate issues, and the purpose is to give people kind of a way to learn about the environment," says Indio Thomas, manager of the exhibit.
One room showcases plastic waste, featuring a cave created with 44,000 plastic bags. It's meant to represent the number of bags that were used by New Yorkers every minute before the plastic bag ban.
Toward the end of the exhibit, there is a room focused on composting that allows visitors the opportunity to make their own personal vows to help conserve the planet.
"One of the actionable steps that you can take here is sign a petition that will allow composting to be legal in New York," Thomas says.
For every ticket to the exhibit sold, the organizers of the exhibit will plant one tree.