Rally calls for $300M in funding for MTA upgrades

Elected officials and advocates came together at City Hall to rally for a $300 million investment in funding for transit service for New Yorkers.
The rally was ahead of Thursday’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority budget hearing and amid state budget negotiations.
“The MTA is facing a fiscal cliff. The finances of the MTA are horrible, and every part of city and state government has to step up right now, not just to stabilize the MTA but to expand service,” said Council Member Lincoln Restler of District 33. 
Speakers did say that Gov. Kathy Hochul's proposal was a step in the right direction, but they want Albany leaders to continue to build upon it.
Council members also pointed out that subway service in the city can vary depending on where you live and say that should not be the case.  
“There is no way up to now in New York City we have places that don’t have train stations. I only have one. And listen, the bus services are ridiculous,” said Council Member Mercedes Narcisse of District 46. 
New York City Transit President Richard Davey also joined the conference, praising the work of the advocates and voicing support.
“I'm a transit guy -  I’ve been in this business for 20 years.  If someone gives me more money to run more service, you're damn right we will. Why wouldn’t we?” said Davey. “What we hear from our customers on the bus and subway is they’re feeling safer, they’re seeing service improvement but they're asking for more service.”
Council members added that this is an issue where state, city and federal governments all have to play their fair share in.