Darien man launches 'Proud Puffs' cereal inspired by BLM movement

A Darien man has launched his own cereal, influenced in part by the Black Lives Matter movement and diversity inclusion.
Connecticut native Nic King knows cereal is a must-buy for some people at the grocery store, which got his wheels turning.
"There's not too many Black-owned cereals out there, so I'm sitting around trying to think of a name and 'proud' kind of pops into my head. Now I'm playing around with words like proud, proud, proud--puff!" King said.
Proud Puffs are a chocolate cereal in the shape of a fist.
"I would say the fist embodies the idea of solidarity," says King.
And then there's the box, designed to empower and educate. An image of his family graces the front.
"This is my son as a baby -- I still look at him as a baby," King said. "Then I have my sister, my nieces, my nephews."
The side of the box lists 20 Black figures -- like Katherine Johnson, Hattie McDaniel, and Ruby Nell Bridges Hall -- and why they're notable in history.
King officially launched his company Legacy Cereal on Monday, but he's been quietly working on Proud Puffs for the past six months. He said they released a small batch but is still crowdfunding.
King hopes that will lead to mass production, and his cereal on store shelves.
"Culturally you'll feel the pride knowing it's 100% Black-owned and having my family on the box -- but at the end of the day it's just amazing chocolate cereal," said King.
Proud Puffs can be found on Instagram @ProudPuffCereal.