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Local leaders, tenants announce lawsuit against landlords of building for health & safety issues

News 12 has reached out to the listed owners of the building for a statement and is waiting for a response.

News 12 Staff

Mar 5, 2024, 10:30 PM

Updated 135 days ago


Tenants have joined forces with some local leaders to file a lawsuit against their landlords as a last resort after years of begging for repairs.
The residents of 2201-05 Davidson Ave. gathered at their building on Tuesday to demand change alongside the Legal Aid Society, and announce that the lawsuit was filed Tuesday morning against the building owners.
Tenant Jenel Young says her apartment is in decent shape, thanks to the hours of work and $4,000 they put in to fix it up when their landlord wouldn’t.
“Unfair, ridiculous, just very negligent and I don’t think anyone should live like this ever,” said Young, who says the conditions were so bad at one point her grandmother who had lived there for 50 years had to move out. “We will bring the owners before a housing court judge so that the judge will ensure that they are held accountable for their legal responsibilities as owners of this building.”
Tenants say the problems aren’t only in their apartment units but in the common areas as well, adding that the lobby is often dirty and full of trash.
The building currently has almost 500 Housing Preservation and Development violations, including an elevator that has been out of service since last summer. There are also over 100 Department of Buildings violations and nearly 50 Department of Health violations, citing lead paint, mold and rats.
The violations don’t just fall on the building – there are over $24 million in past due taxes as well.
“The property owner has [ignored] his duties and used New York City, your taxpayer dollars, as a piggy bank,” said Councilmember Pierina Sanchez.
HPD provided a statement that said in part:
“HPD and the administration are exploring all available avenues to ultimately improve conditions in the building given the owners failure to do so.”
News 12 reached out to the listed owners of the building for a statement and is waiting for a response.

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