Bronx family recalls moments leading up to 19-year-old son's death in Morris Heights

The victim's mother sat down with News 12 and says her son was hardworking and a good person.

Samantha Chaney

Apr 19, 2024, 11:04 AM

Updated 30 days ago


A Bronx family is left devastated following the fatal stabbing of a 19-year-old, which police say was over a parking spot in Morris Heights.
Relatives of the victim Dominic Aguilera are demanding justice. His mother, Ivelisse, sat down with News 12 and cried out for her son - who she described as being hardworking and a good person.
She says her family was getting ready for work when their neighbor, 45-year-old Vladimir Lopez German, came knocking on their door asking them to move their car. She says her son went down to do so, and that's when police say the men started arguing.
According to police, German stabbed Aguilera in the chest before he got into his car and drove away. Aguilera's mother says he took his last breaths not far from where it all happened.
“When my son got stabbed, he ran to the bodega," Ivelisse says. "He went to the owner and said, 'Please don’t let me die. Please don’t let me die.'”
The mother told News 12 she now plans to move her family away from Featherbed Lane.
Police say German is in custody and faces multiple charges, including murder.

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