Some residents push back on plan to bring homeless shelter to Gravesend

Some residents in Gravesend rallied in the rain Sunday to demand that a homeless shelter planned for their neighborhood be relocated.
According to the Department of Social Services, the proposed facility on 86th Street is supposed to bring opportunities to New Yorkers in need of housing. The people in the neighborhood, however, say they fear it could destroy the community they built.
Neighbors say there are schools and nursing homes in the area. They add that a facility in Gravesend will not solve the homelessness problem.
According to DSS, this shelter is expected to house over 100 single homeless men, including those who experience mental health challenges. DSS said in a statement, "As we work to transform the shelter system and enhance our service offerings, we remain committed to ensuring that every community has adequate safety net resources to support New Yorkers in need."
There is not an exact date on when the shelter will open.