We're Open: Diaz Electric

Two women, one with roots in Curaçao and another in equator, are paving the way in the electric industry running their own business out of Sunset Park.
Picking up the pieces after Superstorm Sandy was a launching pad for these Latina women and their electric business.
"At the time we didn't have any employees and we together went out and we did electrical work,” says Ana Diaz, president of Diaz Electric.
Not afraid to get their hands dirty, Diaz Electric proved to be a bright light in a dark time.
"What [I] found is that when challenges present themselves, it’s how you rise to the occasion,” says Jacqueline Capriles, COO of Diaz Electric.
Installing, maintaining and reparing electrical, communications, lighting, and control systems, these two women are succeeding in a male-dominated industry.
When COVID-19 hit, their office space went virtual and both women sensed a learning opportunity.
"Improve yourselves, your health, your education certification continuing education,” says Diaz.
They are now hoping to take their business to the next level. The plan to continue their workshops for teaching other women about the business.