We’re Open: Johnny’s Reef

A popular seafood spot on City Island is open and offering customers views while they enjoy their meals. 
One of the owners from Johnny’s Reef spoke with News 12 about how they never closed during the pandemic, despite facing difficult financial moments. 
The restaurant actually opened its doors for the first time in March, since it is closed for winter months. 
"You can see this retractable awning behind me. We built this and we got a big loan to get this done,” said Karikas. 
Their outdoor dining and brand-new awning have allowed customers to enjoy nice, refreshing seafood with an awesome view. 
"People want to sit outside and it enables them to do that and also when the weather is not as conducive to eating you can now because you have an awning over you,” said customer Danny Cavaluzzi. 
The restaurant is also doing socially distanced ordering, with extended counters and dividers in between customers. 
All tables are drilled down and are six-feet away from each other.