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Man accused of throwing cellphone at singer Bebe Rexha faces felony assault charges

The NYPD confirms that 27-year-old Manalapan resident Nicolas Malvagna was charged with felony assault.

Matt Trapani and Eliecer Marte

Jun 19, 2023, 7:23 PM

Updated 367 days ago


A New Jersey man has been accused of throwing a cellphone at singer Bebe Rexha during a concert Sunday evening, causing her injury.
The NYPD confirms that 27-year-old Manalapan resident Nicolas Malvagna was charged with felony assault for the incident at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in Manhattan.
"I would’ve classified it as the perfect show until that moment right there, which wasted a good night,” says concertgoer Alex Chavez.
Chavez posted a video of the incident on Twitter. It shows the 33-year-old singer being struck in the face by the flying phone.
“The second it happened, she covered her face. She looked at her team really quick and then she went down,” Chavez says. “I don’t think her team knew what was happening in the moment until she was down on the ground and they all ran over.
The Brooklyn native fell to her knees in pain and was rushed off the stage. She was taken to a nearby hospital. The concert abruptly ended.
“If I could advise any fan that goes to a show, don’t do it. That artist goes through a lot of preparation and hard work to get there and to have that taken away by an injury is not cool,” says Chavez.
Rexha, whose real first name is Bleta, posted on social media following the incident. A photo posted on her official Instagram account shows that her left eye was bruised, and she had a bandage on her eyebrow
She also posted a video on Tiktok where she softly sings, “I’m good,” with the caption “I'm okay you guys.” The song is a reference to her popular song “I’m Good (Blue) with David Guetta.
“I’m glad to see that she is doing better today, especially after last night,” says Chavez. “There was a lot of concerns going toward her.”
News 12 New Jersey reached out to Malvagna’s attorney and family for comment, but have not heard back.
Rexha has four upcoming shows. It was not clear if they would happen as scheduled.

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