Police arrest man possibly linked to Bronx, Manhattan subway stabbings

The NYPD says they arrested a suspect believed to be involved in subway stabbings in the Bronx and Manhattan.
Police say they chased a man through the Bedford Park station Thursday morning and arrested him.
Authorities say he had two knives on him. Police believe he's responsible for Wednesday's subway station stabbing as well as a separate subway stabbing in Manhattan.
Law enforcement officials say the Manhattan stabbing came first when the suspect allegedly stabbed a 42-year-old man in the shoulder while on the D train by Columbus Circle. An hour and a half later, that same suspect allegedly stabbed a 19-year-old in the arm at the 174th Street station.
Police say that video surveillance in the subway station helped them to identify him - and that he was found wearing the same clothes when he was arrested.
They say the suspect is known to police and has been arrested five times in the last 12 months on charges ranging from sex crimes to assault. The details of the suspect's charges are pending.
Police say these stabbings are not related to the recent string of stabbings in Queens.