Record levels of cyclist deaths for NYC in 2023

A record number of cyclists have been killed in the five boroughs this year, making 2023 the deadliest year for cyclists since 1999.  
A local comedian, Kenny DeForest, became the 28th person in New York City to die on the city’s streets while cycling this year. DeForest’s death led advocates to call out city officials, claiming that the city has failed DeForest and cyclists across the city.  
The group Transportation Alternatives has been tracking the number of protected bike lanes built in recent years. Their analysis shows that the city has built under 30 miles of those bike lanes so far this year out of the 50 miles that were required by law in the NYC Streets Plan.
With just a few days left in 2023, transportation advocates are now calling on Mayor Eric Adams to keep the city’s promise and makes streets safer for everyone.  
News 12 reached out to the city’s Department of Transportation and received the following statement:
“NYC DOT is dedicated to reducing traffic fatalities under Vision Zero, and we continue to work hard and creatively to deliver high-quality, high-benefit projects that make our streets safer for all road users and support safe transportation options like bicycles and buses. This year we’ve delivered a record-number of bike lanes and we continue to build infrastructure, redesign our intersections to be safer, educate motorists on how to share the road, and use enforcement to hold people accountable.”